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What is Motor Legal Protection – Do I need it?

In these days of spiralling recession we are all attempting to cuts costs to the bone in order to make ends meet. As much as this is a necessity to keep in line with the weekly budget it is even more essential to make sure you are not leaving yourself and your family at risk at times of crisis. In the world of motoring, insurance is mandatory but many companies now offer add-ons which offer fabulous cover when the inevitable happens. We often do not realise how little basic insurance covers us for.

Most car owners take on insurance because they have to and rarely give the true financial issues involved in a motoring accident a second thought. But without taking those issues into account it is impossible to buy the most effective cover at the best price or know what to look for as far as benefits are concerned. One of the main elements basic car insurance will not cover you for is Driver Guardian Motor legal protection anything up to £40 per vehicle. This growing expense has created the need for companies such as Driver Guardian to sell policies that cover all the vehicles their members drive, giving them a one convenient policy and saving them some money.

What does Motor legal protection cover?

A car accident is more than two cars hitting each other, a bent bumper and an exchange of insurance addresses. Unfortunately “fault” is not always clear-cut, and the real issues which are likely to hit you in the pocket are those which require legal intervention. In other words they are linked with the liability of the after-effects of the accident rather than the damage to the vehicle.

Access to the justice system

In the 21st century we are dependent on the motor vehicle for both personal and work use. Our streets and cities are overloaded and we are all trying to get to our destinations at break-neck speed while being distracted by an ever-growing plethora of technological gadgets. Motoring legal protection is as essential as basic insurance because it covers you, and your family – not just the car. It allows you to access your rights and the justice system.

At Driver Guardian we offer packages to bring down the cost of your Motoring Legal Protection to a minimum. To find out more about all our packages click here

Watch out for side roads and shaded areas in ice 

Even though it is late February you may still have to contend with ice and snow. In some ways we get it easy compared with other Countries, but  the fact that we do not really encounter bad conditions regularly can be the danger.
When ice and snow first hit us it can be a shock to the system and with most councils only gritting the main roads drivers can easily become complacent and when they turn into a side road that has not been gritted this can be lead to accidents, shaded areas are also dangerous, so take care all the time and remember that nature is very powerful.
It is also a good idea to have a quick word with young drivers if you have any in your household, as unless you have experienced driving a car that is going in the direction it wants to go in on ice it is hard to imagine it happening. 
So in icy or snowy conditions, if you want to get somewhere then driving slow and careful can be an awful lot quicker.

How will road tax changes affect you?

Driver guardian Breakdown commissioned our motor expert to answer the questions our members have been asking us about this change in the law regarding tax discs.

From October 1st 2014 you will no longer need to display a tax disc on your vehicle to show your road tax has been paid for the year.
Instead, the DVLA will keep track of vehicles on the road and who has paid road tax through an online database.

For some time now drivers have been able to renew their tax online. The system holds information such as MOT cover to ensure the renewal is valid. Now instead of receiving the paper disc to affix to your vehicle windscreen you will just receive an online receipt or a receipt from your local post office.

What are the benefits to the new scheme?
Experts believe the reduction in people being able to dodge vehicle tax will mean insurance premiums are likely to fall as a result.
It could save UK businesses millions in administrative costs. Due to less administration costs the government too will be able to save which may have a knock-on effect on the tax itself. As the system does not rely on paper it will have a highly positive effect on green policies.
Renewing road tax will be faster, and simpler. There will no longer be the issue of the gap between receipt of the disc and last year’s cover.

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How do I pay my vehicle tax from October?
You will still receive the V11 renewal reminder when the tax is due to expire. You can then either pay online or, if you do not have access to a computer, you can pay it at the post office where the details will be entered into the database.

How can the authorities check if it has not been paid?
ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras) will catch those who have not renewed their vehicle tax. Offenders will face fines of up to £1000.

What happens if I sell my car?
From October 1st 2014 vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the selling of a car. The new owners will need to tax the vehicle as part of the transaction. This may be a loss for the buyer, but the seller will be able to claim any unused months back from the DVLA. This refund will happen automatically. The buyer will be able to tax the vehicle by using the New Keeper supplement of the vehicle registration certificate.

How can I check how long I have left on my tax?
Many people use the disc itself as a reminder as to when they should apply for or budget for their renewal. You are now able to check the status of your disc on the DVLA’s enquiry system.

What if I drive abroad?
The European Union is aware of the new system in the UK

General Savings Tips for Motoring

Save a fortune on Breakdown insurance
No Names mentioned, but do you know you can save up to £100 on breakdown policies with Driver Guardian compared to the 'top 3'?


I realise now that I've been getting ripped off before being with you
I bought your Full European Breakdown and broke down in the south of France. My friend had recommended driver guardian because he had good service, but I was still surprised how good the service was when I needed it. The car was repaired and I was back on my journey within an hour and 45 mins of breaking down. I thought as I had saved so much money that I would have to accept a slightly inferior service but it was excellent. I realise now that I've been getting ripped off before being with you.

Tom, Wrexham

Remove Legal Protection when renewing your Car Insurance
When you are renewing your motor insurance check how much you are being charged for Legal Protection. If you are being charged around £30-£40 which are average prices, then why not remove it from your policy and buy it for just £10 from Driver Guardian? You could save up to £30 or more if you have more than 1 vehicle for a few minutes work.


Legal Protection gave me a big saving
I was buying 2 separate Legal Protection policies because I have 2 cars insured, they cost me £30 each with my insurer and I just asked them to remove them from my policy, I was really happy buying the 1 policy for £10, saving £50 that easy doesn’t happen a lot

Kelly Hardcastle, Glasgow

Use our Excess Insurance to save you money
The next time you renew your car insurance see how much you could save by increasing the voluntary excess. You could save as much as £400 but this will depend on your age, type of car and location. Whilst this may seem a big saving you run the risk of having to pay the voluntary excess if you savings are enough you can insure the voluntary excess with us for just £60 per year and remove this risk.


Such a simple way to save £150
When I bought my insurance on a comparison site I moved the excess slider up to £500 and my quote went down buy £240. I then bought dg excess insurance for £60 to cover risking paying the £500 if i had an accident etc. saving myself £180, excellent

Tim Henden, Essex

Other money saving tips

Shop around
Comparison websites are a good place to save money, but don’t forget other online sites that are not on comparison websites. It could be worth having a good look and always remember to check you are getting the same cover.

Traditional high street Brokers
Don’t rule out high street brokers, they have been hit hard by internet sales and some need the business so you could get a good deal.

Think about having a Black Box fitted
If your a young driver or don’t do a lot of miles then do a search for ‘Insurance black box’ and see if having a black box fitted can save you money. The black box monitors your driving habits and the amount of driving you do. If you are a safe young driver who does not speed or do a lot of miles then this could be a good option for you.

Take your Pass Plus
Taking your Pass Plus can be very beneficial by learning new driving skills and is a really good opportunity to get to know motorways and Insurers can sometimes give a good discount to drivers who have took the trouble to take their Pass Plus.

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